Fish Tikka Masala

Fish is a big staple in our home and I try to make it at least once a week for the girls.  This Fish Tikka Masala is a great way to incorporate fish and the Indian flavors.  I actually was able to make it in 30 minutes which I was surprised about.  There is a little multitasking involved but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.

What is Fish Tikka Masala?  Tikka basically indicates that there are going to be pieces of meat that are either pan seared or tandoor baked. Before searing the fish, I first let it sit in lemon juice to tenderize the meat, then I marinate it in yogurt and spices for added flavor.

The Masala is a delicious tomato cream gravy in which the fish then simmers and becomes juicy and flaky.  This gravy is great because it’s not super creamy, filled with flavor without being overpowered by heat.

As to the type of fish, I used salmon as it holds really well in the simmering sauce but you can also use Tilapia if Salmon is not available.  But just as important as the fish is the sauce.  If the sauce is not good, it doesn’t matter how well you seared your fish.  There are some recipes that I want that texture and chunkiness however, this tikka masala is not it, so once the sauce is pretty much ready to eat, blend it down to a creamy texture with a hand blender.

Serve it up with some warm Naan or Rice and have yourself a delicious meal.  From my kitchen to yours, I hope you enjoy this Fish Tikka Masala!

Here are the tools I used for this recipe: