Meal Planning Ideas

The first couple of days back to school reminded me of how I felt when I had my kids.  I thought I was prepared but you never are.  So this weekend, I’m working on some meal prepping and planning so that I can save time and focus on work and the girls’ school time. Continue reading “Meal Planning Ideas”

Food Safety and Stocking during a Crisis

As the panic of being quarantined and working from home during a now declared pandemic of the coronavirus surrounds us, many people have started to stock up not only on toilet paper and hand sanitizers, but also on food.  People are running to their local Costco and grocery stores trying to stockpile on food, but really, should you?  And if so, what do you need to get versus what just doesn’t make sense?  In an effort to spread food safety, awareness, and hopefully, help those who are confused as to what to store and how to store for your quarantine period, I’m going to outline a few basics in this article. Continue reading “Food Safety and Stocking during a Crisis”

Top 20 Brown Rice and Quinoa List!

The other day, I opened up my blog to type up a recipe and I got a notification.  Most of my notifications are the usual responses to my recipes but this one was different.  I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was reading it correctly.  Rebecca, from, had compiled a top 20 list of the best Brown Rice and Quinoa recipes and mine made the list! I was honored that my Quinoa, Brown Rice and Black Beans was chosen for her top 20 and thank you Rebecca for including me and mine in your list!

When I came up with this recipe, I was had just discovered the Seeds of Change Brown Rice and Quinoa pouches.  They are so delicious, I could finish a whole pouch in one go (which could usually be enough for 2 servings!).  To make myself feel a little less guilty, I decided to add some veggies and beans, give it a southwest-ish flavor profile, and voila!  I ended up making a delicious meal out of the pouch!  It’s great because this is a 10 minute meal recipe, or a great side dish.  Check it out at the link above and tell me what you think!

The last Indian movie I saw in the cinema was Padmaavat/Padmavati (whatever) which was okay, but it wasn’t really my cuppa chai. I’m always touched by stories that are relevant to people today and make an impact. Films that empower people; male or female and Pad Man does just that. It’s also been a while […]

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