Almond Butter Muffins

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These healthy almond butter muffins are the perfect tasty treat.  They are perfect to add in the lunchbox for a snack or dessert, or even to eat for breakfast.

Making muffins for breakfast or taking it for school pick up snack is the best.  They are easy to transport, I know the girls will eat them, and I can bake a batch ahead of time.  My favorite part… each muffin is filled with 5 grams of protein and plenty of fiber from the bananas.  Which means I don’t feel bad when the girls want more than one!  It’s a win-win situation for the girls and I.

So when I made these muffins, I didn’t have any ripe bananas in the house.  Ok I had some in the freezer but I didn’t want to use those.  Anyways, I used bananas that were ripe enough to eat but not the over ripe ones people generally use to bake.  I was ok with this for two reasons.  One, note having the over ripe bananas actually cuts down on the sugar content in each muffin.  Two, I wanted the almond butter to shine through not the banana.  And I’ll tell you what, it did!  Each glorious bite hit the sweet craving melting in my mouth with a hint of creamy almond butter.

If you’re eating these the next day, I recommend warming them up slightly and having them with a cup of coffee or chai.  If you are giving them to your family for breakfast, try adding some yogurt or eggs and fruit to the meal to bulk it up a little.

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