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**Updated Feb 2021.  Originally published May 2020**

Popeye muffins are one of the girls’ favorites.  I started making these when the girls were too young to eat leafy greens but old enough to eat more than pureed meals.  They were an instant hit then, and luckily they still are now.  Vibrant green, sweet and soft…. you can’t go wrong with these!

Of course they were named Popeye muffins as I try to sell food to my picky eaters in any form I can.  They loved the story of Popeye and became instant fans of spinach.  I’m hoping that love of spinach lasts a long time.

Though the girls are older now, I still make these for a breakfast option, a snack, or even dessert.  Little did I know I have a muffin thief in the house (Sanaya ate 7 minis in one afternoon!) and am so glad I opted to make minis instead of regular sized muffins this time around.

Popeye Muffin Batter so vibrantly green

I usually buy a large box of the baby spinach and dedicate most of it to these delicious muffins.  So simple and easy. 

There are literally 3 steps to this recipe.  Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Mix the wet ingredients in a blender.  Mix the two together and bake in muffin tins.  Prep time takes me maybe 3, possibly 4 minutes.  Baking is not much longer.

Popeye muffins are vegan and sugar free.  A little cinnamon and nutmeg added in gives a little depth to these delicious minis.  Occasionally, if I’m in the mood to let the girls splurge a little, I’ll add in a cup of chocolate chips as a treat.  This doesn’t happen every batch so the girls get excited when I do surprise them with a few.  

Not only are these babies delicious but oh so nutritious!  Spinach is known to be a rich in iron, but did you know:

  • spinach is also rich in folate, Vit.s A, K, and C
  • Vit. K is important for maintaining bone health
  • Spinach is high in antioxidants
  • Spinach supports brain health 
  • One of the antioxidants in spinach, lutein, is known to help reduce the risk of macular degeneration

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From my kitchen to yours, enjoy these delicious treats!

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  1. These are delicious- I gave them to the family and no one would believe they had spinach in them and were so healthy!! YUM

  2. My son loves these. Hard to believe it’s packed with spinach. So moist and delicious.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Kate made these yesterday so we could have for St. Patrick’s Day and YUM!!!!!! Thank you for posting!!!!!

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