Popeye Muffins Yum

Popeye muffins are one of the girls’ favorites.  I started making these when the girls were too young to eat leafy greens but old enough to eat more than pureed meals.  They were an instant hit then, and luckily they still are now.  Vibrant green, sweet and soft…. you can’t go wrong with these!

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Avocado Banana Shake

Avocado Banana Shake

This shake is a huge hit in my family.  It’s perfect for a breakfast on the go, a snack to come home to before dinner is served, or just a drink that we serve while hanging out with the family and sharing stories.  I was first introduced to it by roommate before I got married.  Initially I thought she was crazy to mix avocado and banana together but when I tried it – I never went back.  Since then, I’ve changed her recipe slightly to make it my own.  Check it out and hopefully you’ll like this unusual combo too!

1 Avocado
1 Ripe Banana
1/3 c Walnuts
1 1/2 c Lowfat Milk

Blend it all together and enjoy! So simple and so good!