Lemon Chickpea Orzo Skillet

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An effortless one skillet vegan recipe filled with sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, chickpeas, spinach, grilled lemon slices, and of course orzo!  Simple, healthy ingredients that come together quickly for a perfect weeknight meal, this Lemon Chickpea Orzo Skillet is a dish that everyone can enjoy!

So I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I just bought a new cast iron braiser that I have trying to find every excuse to use.  In comes this beautiful dish of Lemon Chickpea Orzo Skillet.

Whenever I talk about orzo, I immediately think mediterranean.  So naturally Mediterranean came to my mind when I thought of constructing this dish with beautiful vibrant sun dried tomatoes and tangy artichoke hearts.  Some spinach to add color and of course pan seared lemons to add the bright and bold flavor.

I did roast my chickpeas first to add a bit of crunch to the skillet.  Everything else has such a soft texture, I just felt like I needed to mix it up a little bit.  I highly recommend you not skip this step.  If you’re trying to save time, there are two options.  Either roast your chickpeas ahead of time or skip the roasting.  But I wouldn’t skip the roasting if I were you.

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