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About a month back, we finally had a weekend free to take the girls to the Farmer’s Market which we’ve desperately missed during the winter months.  The girls love tasting all the fruit samples and of course stopping at the kettle corn stand, while I love to check out all the new produce and imagine different recipes I can create.
My favorite part is watching the girls taste new foods and discovering new flavors while learning what they like and don’t like.  This particular visit, there was a new farmer that I hadn’t seen previously letting us taste live microgreens, Simply Shoots Micro Farm* (check out their info at the bottom of this blog for your microgreens).  Of course I had the girls try some and Aishani instantly liked the rainbow microgreens while the arugula was too peppery for her.  Sanaya decided she didn’t like any of the microgreens, so well, that was that.  I loved the variety they had from arugula and the rainbows to raddish, amaranth and so many others I can’t remember.

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Photo courtesy of our local Farmer’s Market


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Photo courtesy of our local Farmer’s Market


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Photo courtesy of our local Farmer’s Market

wp-1586440805893.jpgPankaj and I went for a couple containers of the live arugula microgreens.  We loved it so much, I kept thinking about them all day and what I wanted to do with it.  I knew I wanted to keep it simple to make sure the flavor of the arugula shines through, so I used only tomatoes, avocados and a basil vinaigrette dressing to enhance the peppery flavor of both the basil and especially the arugula.

I cannot believe how delicious this salad was.  Pankaj kept asking for more and honestly, we’re hooked.  It really is in the simplicity sometimes.  We’ve made it so many times since and I do believe it has become not only our favorite, but also our go to salad (plus, it’s so easy, it takes 5 minutes to make!).  I did find the microgreens at our local grocery store so if you’re not able to get to the farmer’s market, no worries (though I have their information below so contact them and see if you’re able to get some).  But the freshness that the Simply Shoots greens have are incomparable to any others!
I cannot stress how much I want all of you to try out this recipe… it really is our favorite (Aishani actually ate it too!).

From my kitchen to yours, do try it out and send me your thoughts and pics for this one!

2c fresh arugula microgreens
1c cherry tomatoes, halved (I’ve used regular tomatoes and chopped them in chunks too)
1 avocado, chopped in chunks
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
salt to taste
pepper to taste

1c fresh basil
1/3c white wine vinegar
1 ½Tbsp honey
½c Avo Oil
¼tsp salt
¼tsp black pepper

Wash and dry microgreens.  Divide onto two plates.
In a bowl, combine tomatoes, avocados, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Toss well and layer on top of the greens.

In a blender, mix all the ingredients for the basil vinaigrette and blend into a smooth texture.
Drizzle on the salad and serve!


Simply Shoots Micro Farm
They are also on Facebook and Instagram

*This is not a paid post.  I simply love their micro greens and those who know me that once I love a product, I find the need to tell the whole world about it.

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  1. One of my all time favorite salads! I remember when I first ate this, I was pleasantly surprised at how it had everything my taste buds needed. I truly could eat this all day.

  2. so simple and DELICIOUS! thank you for this!!! you’re helping me eat so much healthier 🙂

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