Spinach Dal Paratha

I love up-cycling leftovers and this is one of those ideal recipes to do so!  Healthy, delicious, and quick to make, these Spinach Dal Parathas are perfect to use up Spinach Dal without feeling like you are eating leftovers or compromising taste.  Continue reading “Spinach Dal Paratha”

The Best Veggie Quesadillas

There’s no wrong way to make a quesadilla.  It’s one of those foods that can be served as a quick weeknight meal, an after school snack, bite sized as a party app; filled with just cheese, grilled veggies, or shredded meat! The possibilities are endless.
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Mango Berry Bread Pudding Yum

My absolute favorite food on Earth is mangoes.  I can’t think of a time that I didn’t like them. I love hearing stories from my mom about how I could go through a case (about 10-12 mangoes) in a sitting when I was a kid.  Nowadays, I probably would end up with a tummy ache but I’m willing to give it a try. Continue reading “Mango Berry Bread Pudding Yum