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Kathi Rolls are a classic Mumbai street food that are similar to a burrito with different types of fillings, such as potatoes, paneer or even chicken.  Kathi Rolls are often confused with Frankie Rolls and though they both look similar, there are a few distinguishable differences.


Differences between a Kathi & Frankie Roll:
Kathi Rolls originated in Kolkata (Calcutta) supposedly for the British Babus (gentleman) who were too finicky about eat with their hands.  Wrapping the meats or vegetables in a roti made it easier for them to eat.  Originally, kathi rolls were stuffed with kebabs though that has evolved and now there are so many different fillings used.
Frankies has roots from Mumbai and has an egg layer on the inside of the roti.  Frankie fillings are shaped into rolls, patties or cutlets and have a saucier dressing versus the spices in the kathi rolls.

What can I fill my Kathi roll with:
Most anything!  For this recipe, I used 2 different fillings:  jheera aloo and marinated paneer.  Add in a crunchy salad of onions, cucumbers and bell peppers, and it’s delicious!


How do I eat it?
Just like a burrito!  Eat it at home, pack it in your lunchbox with the chutney on the side or pack it for a picnic (in your backyard of course these days!).
From my kitchen to yours, enjoy this delicious street food!

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