Zucchini Bread

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A classic Zucchini Bread recipe with warm notes of cinnamon spice, pure vanilla extract, brown sugar, and fresh zucchini.  Moist and light, this is a quick recipe that can also be turned into muffins and savored any time of day.

I still remember the first time I ever had zucchini bread… I was in college studying for finals with my roommate, and her mother had sent a care package with a bunch of goodies including zucchini bread.  It was the first time I was introduced to zucchini bread.  And my mind was blown.

As I started experimenting with this recipe, I quickly learned a few things:

  • Using grated zucchini gives the extra moisture, especially because I’m not squeezing the water out
  • My kids can definitely see the zucchini but they can’t taste it so they are definitely eating it! Win for Mom.
  • This recipe makes two loaves.  Make one for yourself and share one with a friend or neighbor.  Assuming your kids don’t eat the first loaf in one day. Just saying.

As I’ve made the zucchini bread, I’ve gotten the question a lot about why I don’t peel the skin.  My answer is always the same.  The skin contains a lot of the vitamins and minerals.  I want my kids to have that.  You can’t taste it anyway but it sure does look pretty in the final result.

Here are a few additions you can include in your bread.  I don’t include them because both girls have different preferences so I keep it simple for now.

  • Add in 1 c of chopped walnuts or pecans.  Toast them first for a little extra depth of flavor.
  • Add in some raisins or dried cranberries.
  • Add in chocolate chips for a little extra sweetness
  • Add in blueberries for a burst of flavor

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