Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs

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These Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs might just be the best deviled eggs you’ve ever eaten.  This recipe adds a fun Bloody Mary twist to this popular appetizer, garnished with gherkins and olives.  Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs are perfect for any holiday party, brunch, New Year’s Eve, or even brunch.

Made with a spicy egg yolk mixture, served in egg white halves that are given the rimmed effect with seasoning, these deviled eggs will be the talk of your party.  A few weeks ago, we were celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday and talk came up about people’s favorite foods and drinks.  My cousin Sweetu loves her deviled eggs and she loves Bloody Marys. As we were talking, I just kept thinking those two are perfect brunch items and what would happen if I combined them?

Well, I’ll tell you what.  The most incredible deviled eggs ever is what would happen.  I’ll give you a little tip.  I have even made the egg yolk mixture the night before and it’s perfectly fine the next day.  The trick is to store the egg whites in a container separately and the egg yolk mixture in it’s piping bag so it’s ready to go when you are.

As for the Bloody Mary flavor, I used horseradish, tomato paste, celery seed, hot sauce, and lemon juice.  For the hot sauce, I specifically used Sriracha because many of the others tend to have higher vinegar levels.  This could lead to altering the flavor profile, so keep in mind the acid balance when you are using hot sauces.

As for the garnish, I used olives and gherkins but you can also add celery leaves or bacon.  I personally love the texture the garnishes provide when I bite into the eggs.

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