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A favorite South Indian staple, Rasam is a tangy, spicy tomato soup.  It can be eaten on its own or with rice and is known to be very beneficial in helping reduce the effects of colds and coughs.  The best part about this recipe is that it takes less than 30 minutes to make!

The first time I had Rasam was at my friend Janani’s house.  I should clarify that statement.  The first time I had amazing Rasam.  I’ve had Rasam in the past but none that ever stuck in my mind or said to me, “Eat Me”.  Hers said, “Don’t stop eating me and I don’t care if you look like a glutton!”  Needless to say,  I’ve often thought about it.  Have I made it since then?   No.

Something is up with the weather and my whole family went through a bout of coughs and colds recently.  One week it’s raining, and the next, we’re in the 80’s.  As our bodies try to juggle and adjust to constant changing temperatures, I am trying to keep up with it all.  Rasam I have found to help.

Over the years, I have now made this particular Rasam recipe a countless number of times.  Recently however, I discovered that Rasam can be a category of food itself in Southern India as there are over 50 varieties of Rasam.  That being said, I really love this particular recipe and have nailed it.

Tomatoes, curry leaves, tamarind, mustard seeds, turmeric and the black pepper are all known to help fight coughs and colds.  Though this Rasam is great for when your family has a cough or cold, I love making it when the mood strikes because it is so good at any time of day or night.

As for the Rasam masala, I don’t make it at home.  I do use this rasam masala powder and it has never failed me.  I hope you have a chance to try out this amazing recipe.

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