Autumn Squash Soup

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Creamy and nourishing, this delicious Autumn Squash Soup is just perfect for a cozy dinner at home during these cold days.  This soup is a spin off of Panera’s Autumn Squash Soup without the extra calories.  But don’t worry!  It still tastes amazing and just like Panera’s.  The best part is that whilst you make this delicious soup, your home is going to smell like fall.  Can it get any better?

Every year when fall comes around, one of my first to dos is to get a bowl of Panera’s Autumn Squash Soup.  It is so yum, I have a hard time not going there every single day.  This year, I was determined to make it myself.  This way, I can make it whenever I want and eat as much as I want.  Without the guilt because there are so many less calories and more nutrition.

Here is what you will need:
Squash:  I used a combination of Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Puree.  You can absolutely use fresh pumpkin if you prefer.  Replace it 1:1 ratio.

Fruits and Veggies:  Onions (which I think are the base of most soups/foods I make), Apples (a great natural sweetener), and carrots (the color, density of the veggie, and the nutrition are a bonus)

Spices:  Curry Powder (a must for this soup), cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

The Extras:  Butter and Honey.  I only use a little of this to give the soup a “richer” taste.  You can absolutely cut these ingredients out to make this recipe vegan.  Another option is to replace the honey with maple syrup or agave if you prefer the sweeter version.

I’ve made this soup on the stove but it is slow cooker friendly also.  If you have a full day of work waiting for you, no problem!  Combine all of your ingredients, hit the button, and come back to soup ready to be eaten.  Ok almost ready to be eaten.  You will have to blend it.  But really, that’s it.

This Autumn Squash Soup recipe makes enough to feed 8 servings.  If you’re like me who can down a whole bowl each meal, you don’t need to worry.  However, if you would like to store it for future use, place it in a freezer safe container and store up to 3 months.  Guess what, this is perfect to make ahead of time for Thanksgiving, then pull it out of the freezer and warm up for your table!  Saves you time and energy and the flavor is still there.

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