Thandai Bundt Cake

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Thandai Bundt Cake is a beautiful and fun fusion cake that highlights the traditional flavors of thandai in a moist and light cake.  Thandai is a popular beverage to have during Shivratri and Holi. This cake is egg-free, easy to make, and absolutely delicious, making it perfect to have during the festival times!

Over the last few years, thandai has become a big go to for me.  I love thandai because not only does it taste delicious, it also has many health benefits.  One of the main ones being it’s a cooling agent for your body and therefore, mostly drunk during the summer months.

Holi and Shivratri are big festivals during the month of March and thandai plays a big role during both of these festivals.  Though I like to drink it in the traditional form combined with milk, I have also added thandai powder in other recipes.  Some of these include Thandai Gujiya Pinwheels and Thandai Infused Rainbow Crème Brûlée (Vegan).  But, onto the Thandai Bundt Cake that I’m sure you really want to know about.

The base of the cake is a sponge like that is infused with the aroma of the thandai scents.  The cardamom, saffron, nuts, fennel and rose all seep through with each bite.  With a fun twist of rainbow sprinkles added in the batter, there’s color everywhere for Holi.  You can make this for Holi or even Diwali!

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