Thandai Gujiya Pinwheels

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A fun twist on the traditional gujiya with the same flavors in each decadent bite.  These Thandai Gujiya Pinwheels are made with the classic thandai powder used during Holi, the quintessential gujiya filling all rolled into puff pastry dough before they are baked.

Growing up, I remember my grandmother and mom making gujiya during Holi and Diwali.  Mom loves them.  I was on the fence as a child.  Back then, I didn’t appreciate Indian sweets as I do now.  Well, most of them at any rate.

Traditionally, gujiya is a dumpling stuffed with anything from dates and nuts to jaggery to khoa (similar to milk solids).  They are then deep fried and sometimes soaked in a sugar syrup. Yep, they are so good but it is a process to make. I decided to change it up a little bit by keeping the flavor but changing the outer appearance of the traditional gujiya (and definitely no deep frying).

For the filling, I used thandai masala, jaggery, and coconut.  To me, nothing says Holi like thandai.  It actually has a lot of benefits which I highlighted in my thandai masala blog post.  Check it out if you like.  It’s actually really cool.

Anyways, thandai masala has this nutty, sweet flavor to it that I absolutely love.  I combined this with grated jaggery and coconut and the result is absolutely amazing!  Then, all you have to do is spread the filling in the puff pastry, roll it, cut it into pinwheels, and bake.  Because I’m making these especially for Holi, I couldn’t leave behind the syrup, could I?  Well, instead of dunking them in the syrup, post baking, I drizzled a little over the top of each pinwheel.  The puff pastry absorbs it really well and each bite is a little more indulgent.

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