Turkey Bolognese Sauce

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This Turkey Bolognese Sauce is a thick, delicious, and hearty sauce made with simple ingredients.  It’s a healthier take on an authentic recipe, each bite is so rich and flavorful.

Recently, our family did a trip through Northern Italy and it was one the best trips of my life.  The food, the culture, the history, the wine, the cheese, the gelato.  I think I fell in love with Florence.  On our first night there, we went in search of food and found this wonderful Osteria that served the most amazing food!  I tried to get cooking classes with the Chef in the kitchen but it is so busy, I don’t think the Chef would have been able to concentrate.  Anyways, I was able to get a few recipes from him including his amazing Bolognese sauce.

Now, his original recipe calls for beef and pork.  I substituted it with turkey instead.  Also, when he gave me his recipe, it was in the style my mother usually does, “A little of this, a pinch of that.”  When I came back, I immediately started working on it and sent him a million messages trying to figure out the ratios of the ingredients.  I still got, “No, that is too much, a little less.  Maybe a touch of this” as part of help for the recipe.  Seriously though, the most fun I have ever had!

Below is my Turkey Bolognese sauce (though my chef was a bit scandalized that I replaced the beef/pork with turkey) with the ingredients and their ratios as best as I could get them.  I’ve tried them on friends and taught one of my cousins and it turned out pretty amazing each time so I’m going with it.  I’ve included the substitution should you decide to use beef/pork instead of the turkey.  And if you go to Italy, you can’t miss Florence!  Ciao!

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  1. Such a hearty sauce. Love the flavors and texture. Used the leftovers for a sloppy joe-esque meal for the kids the next day

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