Crostini 3 Ways

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Fresh fruit, caramelized onions, bright flavors, and an abundance of crostini.  That is what I call the perfect crostini board.  Simple ingredients that require more assembly than cooking is a delicious way to start your party!
This past weekend was my mom’s birthday and I wanted to make it special for her.  This is the first time in 8 years we got to spend her actual birthday with her.  What made it more special is she had all three of her grandchildren with her, including the newest addition, Baby Shyam.  One of my favorite appetizers are crostini.  They are so easy to make, you can get creative with the toppings and flavors or keep it classic.  I did a little of everything for my board.

My dad loves caramelized onions and I had just picked up some fresh figs from the Farmer’s Market.  I knew I had to pair these together.  I also picked up these beautiful peaches from the Farmer’s Market which I paired with ricotta cheese so the sweetness of the peaches could really shine.  As for the third flavor, you know I have to keep it classic with the bruschetta flavors.  I did change it up a little and added fresh mozzarella to the mix.  The fresh mozzarella was so delicious, I definitely think that will be making its rounds again.

When I was at the market, the farmer convinced me to try out a basket of the green figs.  I have had many turkey and mission figs but I had never eaten these luscious green figs.  They are sweeter than the brown figs but I feel are more suited to use in cooking rather than eating on their own.  (You’ll notice in the pictures, both green and brown figs made their way into this recipe.  We started eating before I was done with my pictures and finishing touches.  Oops!).  I would highly recommend you try out the green figs.  They are so beautiful and delicious!

As for the peaches, they were so sweet and just perfectly ripe.  Quite large for peaches too but Sanaya has been eating them every single day so I have to make sure I get more!

Caramelizing onions is very easy.  Also a little time consuming.  But oh so yummy!  The trick to perfectly caramelized onions is low and slow.  Keep the flame on low and just let it cook slowly.  I started with the onions and while they were doing their thing, I worked on the assembly of the rest of the ingredients.

I hope you like these crostini as much as we did!   If you’re looking for more appetizer recipes, check these out:

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