Persian Love Cupcakes

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These Persian Love Cupcakes will enchant you with their looks and flavor.  With a hint of halva flavor, salted pistachios on the top, and rose in the flavor, shape, and to garnish on top, these beautiful cupcakes are every bit as tasty in each bite as they are to make.

Valentine’s Day is practically here and I am so ready to celebrate it with my girls and hubby.  Each year, I try to come up with something beautiful and delicious that all of us can enjoy.  Last year, I made Rose Pistachio Ice Cream which was a huge hit in our house.  We still make it even if it isn’t V-Day.  Whenever I think of love, romance, or Valentine’s Day, I automatically associate rose and pistachios.  I’m not sure why.  You would think I would think chocolate or strawberries, but nope.  Not me.

These Persian Love Cupcakes have been on my mind since last year.  I originally wanted to make them then but I was having issues with getting the texture right.  I’m so excited to share that the texture is finally perfect!  Soft, moist, and spongy, each cupcake literally feels like you are eating air.  Almost.

I used a rose mold for the cupcakes which give it a beautiful shape and presentation.  I’ll link the molds below if you would like to make the same.  If you choose to make the cupcakes in a regular liner, I would poke holes on the top instead of poking holes at the bottom to fill with the saffron syrup.  Continue to garnish with rose petals and pistachios once the syrup has been absorbed.  With the rose mold, I preferred to fill the syrup from the bottom to keep the rose shape intact.

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  1. We had an opportunity to try Sapna’s amazing cupcakes and these are simply divine! My Persian husband was raving about these! It reminded him of his childhood. Highly recommend!

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