Cilantro Chutney

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Vibrant, fresh, mildly spicy, and packed with flavor, this Cilantro Chutney is a necessity in Indian cuisine.   This particular chutney is made using fresh cilantro, mint, curry leaves, green chilies, cashews and spices.

This Cilantro Chutney is one of my favorites.  It is gluten-free, vegan, and takes only 5 minutes to whip up.  Recently, the husband was craving Dosa for dinner so I made this chutney as it’s our favorite to eat with many South Indian dishes.

Did you know cilantro chutney can be used as more than a dipping sauce for samosa, dosa, and other finger foods?

Drizzle some of the chutney over your favorite chaat dish or pair it with some tandoori chicken or salmon.

Marinate paneer cubes, chicken, or even lamb but adding a little Greek yogurt to the chutney.  Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least a couple of hours for the flavors to infuse before cooking.

Spread it on your favorite sandwich by mixing it with a little cream cheese to add a flavor-punch to your lunch.

Dress up your salad by mixing the chutney with a little Olive Oil for a delicious flavor with your greens.

Tips for a Delicious Cilantro Chutney

  • When buying fresh cilantro, the bunch should look vibrant green and should be able to hold straight when held upright.  If it droops, it’s not fresh and will affect the taste of the chutney.
  • Remove the woody part of the cilantro stems as they give a bitter aftertaste to the chutney.
  • Use fresh lemon in this recipe as it doesn’t taste the same with the concentrate.
  • To freeze this chutney, add it to ice-cube trays and freeze.  After a day, transfer the frozen chutney cubes to a ziplock bag. That that saves me a ton of effort and time. To use, thaw the chutney overnight in the refrigerator.

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